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Why It Works

Simply adding a unique telephone number to your landing pages means significant additional revenue with no extra advertising cost; this results in much higher ROI.

Increase Landing Page Credibility.

If a website has a contact telephone number it instantly looks more credible and trustworthy.

Form Conversions Increase

Our research has shown that form conversions increase when there is a telephone number on the landing page as customers are more willing to enter their personal details into a website they trust.

Virtuous Circle

Higher conversion rates and higher ROI means if you are buying traffic you can bid higher to generate more leads. If you use Google Adwords or MSN Adcenter this will often mean bidding higher results in a better Quality Score, which means you will get greater traffic and generate even higher profits.

New Opportunities

As more and more customers are using their mobiles to research and buy online they are not likely to complete a complicated form but they are likely to click a number to call a business. Pay per call allows you to create mobile campaigns and even offline posters or radio ads.