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Pay-Per-Call UK

What is Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-per-call is a new type of advertising that allows phone calls to be driven to advertisers (merchants) whilst being fully tracked. This is possible through advances in technology advances and allows us to credit publishers (affiliates) for generating the calls.

Pay-per-call means customers get a far superior experience because instead of being forced to complete a complicated form they can simply pick up the phone. Studies have shown that a high percentage of customers will research online but will only ever buy a service over the phone.

Ultimately, customers still want to make phone calls.

How Big is Pay-Per-Call Going to Be?

Pay-per-call is going to be huge. The online advertising market is growing fast, but is still dwarfed by the offline market. Pay-per-call works fantastically well with online advertising but it is not limited to only working with adwords or display advertising.

Pay-per-call will grow as the use of smart phones and tablets grows. People will become more comfortable with click-to-call and using Siri-like voice search. Pay-per-call will also be used more offline with billboard advertising, radio, SMS, newspaper, TV and many other promotional methods.

Online marketing has helped educated marketers about performance marketing, and this will continue with pay-per-call.

Why Should Affiliates (publishers) Use Pay-Per-Call?

If you are an affiliate or publisher you already spend a lot of money on advertising or creating content. You have either built an audience over time or buy expensive traffic through SEM or display advertising. In the past you would have made an effort to not include a number on your landing pages so that customers complete a form or sign-up to an email list.

Now you can generate calls and get paid for it. You will still generate the same amount of form leads but get extra profit without spending an additional penny on advertising.

Why Should Merchants (advertisers) Use Pay-Per-Call?

Our CallCommission merchants love using pay-per-call because they get qualified customers calling their call centre asking for their service.

The customers have actively searched for that service and are calling at a time convenient for them when they are in “buying mode”. This is simply not the case for web leads and it results in higher converting leads.

Which Offers Does Pay-Per-Call Work Best For?

Pay-per-call will work best with high-ticked complicated products where customers want or need to discuss personal requirements with an expert.

Good examples would be taking out a mortgage, buying a property, buying a motor vehicle, taking out medical insurance or a secured loan.

You wouldn’t do any of the above without discussing your particular needs with an expert to make sure that you make the right decision.