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Full FAQ for Merchants

Full FAQ for Affiliates

How do I get started?

Joining is very easy, just complete the form here. When you join we will send you an information pack.

What is Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-Per-Call is a new form of online advertising that mixes search functionality with traditional on-the-phone interactions. Now customers have a choice to fill out a form or call a number. We track that call and credit the affiliate for generating the call.

Why should affiliates run Pay-Per-Call?

You are already generating traffic to your websites through SEO or SEM, but a large percentage of your visitors want to speak to an expert over the phone.

What Pay-Per-Call leads can I generate?

Pay-Per-Call works particularly well with products and services that are both a complicated sale and has a value to the merchant of £200+. For this reason we work with a range of finance merchants in particular, after all you wouldn’t take out a mortgage without speaking to an expert first. You can see our list of available leads here.

Who started CallCommission?

CallCommission was stated by founders who have worked in financial sales and performance marketing. Find out more information here.

What merchants do you work with?

We only work with merchants who have a proven track record of converting leads into business.

When do I get paid?

We pay in full on the 15th of the following month.

Do you have freephone and local numbers?

We have access to freephone, national and local rate numbers.

How do you qualify callers?

We qualify calls so that the lead quality is fantastic and we can charge our lead buyers a premium price. We qualify differently depending on the offer.

What happens to repeat callers?

We have active spam blocking. Calling numbers are blocked to stop ‘dialers’ and call spammers.

How do I put a number on my website?

We have made this as easy as possible. You just need one piece of JavaScript and a placeholder. For in depth information please read here.

Can I use Google Click to Call?

Yes. To do this you will need a static number which we provide.

Do calls go through to CallCommission call-centres?

No. After qualifying the caller they are diverted to our merchants in real-time.