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FAQ for Merchants

Q: What exactly do you do?
A: We supply premium pay-per-call leads straight to merchant’s sales teams.

Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: We have been supplying leads for over two years and have been using pay-per-call technology for over one year.

Q: How are your calls generated?
A: Callers search for a product, such as life insurance, in a search engine and visit a web page of their choice. If they land on a website that uses CallCommission to generate a trackable telephone number the customer can call the unique number which is transferred to your sales team in real-time if they confirm that they want to receive a quote.

Q: Do any of your calls come from auto-dialers, voice broadcasting or call centres?
A: Absolutely not. Every single call comes from customers seeing an advert on a search engine or telephone number on a highly targeted website.

Q: Can we receive calls only during business hours?
A: Yes. We only send calls through during your business hours.

Q: Do calls come direct to our call centre?
A: Yes. There is no call interception, all calls are answered by your sales team.

Q: How do you “qualify” calls?
A: We qualify each caller to make sure they want to speak to an advisor and get a quote. This results in highly motivated customers which convert better than normal web leads.

Q: Do we require special equipment?
A: No. We can send telephone leads through to any telephone line.

Q: How do I know the call is a paid call?
A: We will send calls through to a specific number so it will show on your telephone system that the lead has come from CallCommission. We can also include a “whisper” that will announce to the sales agent that a CallCommission lead is being transferred.

Q: Can I include my own disclaimer and introductory message?
A: Yes. We are more than happy to include your particular message. Normally you would give us the script so we can use our own voice professionals.

Q: Can I have leads sent to my IVR?
A: No. To improve the customer journey the call needs to go straight through to your sales team.

Q: Do you record calls?
A: Yes. This helps eliminate call fraud and disputes.

Q: What are the conversion rates?
A: Excellent. This does vary on product but conversion rates over 30% is not unusual.

Q: Are calls exclusive?
A: Yes. Each and every call and caller information belongs to you.

Q: Is every call through to my sales team billable?
A: Each call over a set period of time is billable. We have worked with merchants to make this number sensible so unqualified calls can be ended politely.

Q: Who pays for the phone calls?

A: We absorb all telephone charges. Merchants only pay for the leads.

Q: Are there set-up fees?
No. There are no set-up fees or monthly subscription fees.

Q: Are there analytics?
A: We provide full powerful analytics for free. You can schedule excel reports for key performance indicators in the member section. Our analytics is free of charge.

Q: Can you send information straight to our CRM?
A: Absolutely. We are happy to integrate into your lead monitoring technology such as

Q: How do we get started?
A: We recommend starting small to get comfortable with the system. Please join here to get started.