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FAQ for Affiliates

Q: What is pay-per-call?
A: Pay-Per-Call is a new form of online advertising that mixes search functionality with traditional on-the-phone interactions. Now customers have a choice to fill out a form or call a number. We track that call and credit the affiliate for generating the call.

Q: Why should I run pay-per-call?
A: You are already generating traffic to your websites through SEO or SEM, but a large percentage of your visitors want to speak to an expert over the phone.

Q: What pay-per-call leads can I generate?
A: Pay-Per-Call works particularly well with products and services that are both a complicated sale and has a value to the merchant of £200+. For this reason we work with a range of finance merchants in particular, after all you wouldn’t take out a mortgage without speaking to an expert first. You can see our list of available leads here.

Q: What promotional methods can I use?
A: At launch we are only allowing promotion through search; either SEO or SEM. We will be moving into other areas soon so please keep in touch.

Q: Do you have tracking or analytics?
A: We provide powerful and free tracking to all our affiliates. You will be able to see how many leads you have generated in real-time.

Q: How much do I get paid per call?
A: Pay-per-call leads have some of the highest payouts in lead gen. Overtime we expect payouts to only increase. You can see our current offers and their payouts here.

Q: Do I get paid for every call I generate?
A: No. You don’t get paid for every single call because we qualify the caller to make sure that they want to speak to an advisor. What percentage of callers want a quote will vary drastically by the nature of your campaign.

Q: How long does a call have to last for it to be billable?
A: This will be stated when you sign up for each individual campaign. For finance leads it is likely to be around 3 minutes.

Q: So. Will I be paid for every lead that lasts longer than the minimum call lenght?
A: You will be paid if the call lasts over the minimum time length; with only one exception. This is when a caller is classed as “anonymous” which is when the caller has withheld their ID. This is synonymous with spam and we hold the right to not pay in this instance.

Q: How do you qualify callers?
A: We qualify every caller using a very simple and quick menu system. We have professional voice recordings that ask the caller if they want to get a quote or if they want to query an existing policy. If they select to speak to an advisor they are routed in real-time through to our merchants.

Q: How do you handle repeat callers?
A: Repeat callers are not billable if they call again within 30 days, only the first call will be paid. Repeat callers can be displayed by using the drop-down on the right hand side of the call table in “My Account”.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: We pay in full on the 25th of the following month. If this is a weekend it will be the next working day.

Q: What about VAT?
A: Please check by each individual campaign. Life insurance and private medical insurance are VAT exempt so the payment to affiliates will not include VAT.

Q: How do I put a telephone number on my website?
A: We have made this as easy as possible. You just need one piece of JavaScript and a placeholder. For in depth information please read here.

Q: Do you have static numbers?
A: Yes. We also offer static numbers that you can use in your adwords or adcenter text ads and in the future can be used offline.

Q: Do you use freephone or local numbers?
A: We have access to freephone, national and local rate numbers. We will use the number that is most profitable for our affiliates.

Q: Do calls go through to CallCommission call centres?
A: No. After qualifying the caller they are diverted to our merchants in real-time.

Q: Can I use Google click-to-call?
A: Yes. To do this you will need a static number which we provide.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Joining is very easy, just complete the form here. When you join we will send you an information pack.